Guide to Teaching your Pomeranian Tricks & Basic Commands

Guide to Teaching your Pomeranian Tricks & Basic Commands

If you’ve recently welcomed a Pomeranian into your family, it’s important to teach them basic puppy commands and puppy tricks as soon as possible. This can help to keep your dog safe and secure both in your home and when out and about. Today we’re going to share with you our guide to training your new puppy and the best ways to go about this to improve your dog’s manners.

When Should You Start Training Your Pomeranian?

One of the most commonly asked questions is when to start training. Begin with light training, such as potty training and basic home skills while they are under two years old. You should focus on their sleeping location, mealtimes, and the rooms and places they are allowed in your home. When they are three or four months old, you can then progress to basic puppy commands. Your vet will be able to advise you about when is a good time to start training and using a training collar and leash, based on their current weight and size.

First Puppy Commands to Start With

When it comes to teaching your puppy basic commands and puppy tricks, you’ll want to start off with the easiest ones and work up from there. These are some of the most important puppy commands we recommend working on:

Watch – This encourages your dog to obey you and can be used as a starting place during each training session. Use a treat to guide your dog’s attention to you during your training.

Heel – Heel simply means that your dog is walking next to you. Start walking with your dog on one side, and give them positive reinforcement if they stay in line with you correctly. If they don’t succeed, tug them gently with the leash to reset them to the correct place.

Sit – This is one of the essential puppy commands to teach your Pomeranian as soon as possible. Put a treat near your Pomeranian’s nose, and lift it away slightly at an angle. Hopefully, this will encourage them to sit down, and you will then need to reinforce the command.

Stay – Begin training for this position in the sit position by following the advice listed above. From there, you’ll want to use an open palm while saying “stay.” Try to keep them in the position for up to thirty seconds, and then build up from there as you move further away.

Come – Use a leash that is non-retractable and begin in the sit position. You’ll use the command “come” to encourage your dog towards you. Of course, reward them with a treat when they make it to you. It’s best to use about a six-foot distance to begin with when training your Pomeranian with this puppy command.

Top Tips for Training Your Pomeranian

When it comes to teaching puppy tricks, there are certain things to keep in mind. Your dog has quite a short attention span, so don’t make your training sessions any longer than ten or fifteen minutes. When training, always use the command, followed by your puppy’s name. You’ll want to repeat these sessions a few times a day, but you’ll need to have patience during training. Don’t get angry or punish your dog, as this will result in the opposite effect you are hoping for in the long run.

Some basic puppy commands may take only a few days to master, but others may take weeks of training at a time. As far as the order in which you train, it’s completely up to you and what you think your puppy will respond best to. Finally, makesure you have a good stack of treats on hand to reward your hard-working puppy during and after each training session.

Training your Pomeranian to perform basic puppy tricks and commands is an essential part of them growing up and adapting to their new home. Of course, as they progress, you can use the advice listed above to add more complex tricks into your repertoire. Show patience throughout your training sessions, and you’ll soon enjoy the benefits of having a well-trained and obedient dog.