Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Bearfacepomz located?
We are based in Viera, FL but we don’t have any puppies on display. We ship all of our puppies from Thailand directly to our customers using Int’l pet-friendly airlines.

Airports we currently ship to:

What is the process to purchase a Pomeranian puppy?
We make the process to buy a Pomeranian incredibly simple. Once you browse through our available puppies and the see one you’d like to purchase, contact us to put down 50% to reserve the puppy (Deposits are first come first serve).

Remaining balance is due when Airwaybill Flight Confirmation is issued (approx. 1-2 weeks before departure date)

Prepare for your puppy’s arrival. Check out the Pickup Instructions. Track the flight status online. Arrive at the pickup location on time. Do not forget to bring your photo I.D.

Your new fur baby will be sent out with a secured and comfortable puppy crate with extra food package. All of our puppies come with Health Certificate & Vaccination Records, Pet Passport, Microchip Registration, and 1 Year Health Warranty.

Can I see the puppies in person at your store before I purchase?
We DO NOT showcase our puppies in a storefront like typical pet stores. We just aren’t the type of business that believes in putting the puppies in cramped cages all day long. All of our puppies are home raised so they have a lot of space to run around and play. Our first priority is to keep them happy and healthy as having good temperament is very important. We do have a long wait-list so please reserve your puppy 1-2 months in advance.

How long will it take for me to receive my puppy?
Carefully check the information of “Available to go home (mm/dd/yyyy)” and provide us with the preferred week you’d like to pick up your new puppy. The actual flight date depends on the airlines availability as only a certain number of direct flights can go to your airport weekly.

How often will I receive updates or pictures of my puppy before I will receive him/her?
We will provide you with updates every 10-14 days, so you will know exactly what the Pomeranian puppy you are going to receive looks like as it grows!

Can the deposit that I’ve already put down for a puppy be transferred or used towards another puppy?
No. The deposit signifies the intent on the part of the buyer to follow through with the purchase of a particular puppy. Therefore, the deposit for a puppy may not be transferred or used towards another puppy.

Is it a good idea to get pet insurance for my new puppy?
Yes. We recommend that every new owner gets health coverage for their puppy.  Low cost pet insurance is available and it is certainly worth it, as it ensures that your puppy is covered in the case of any medical emergency.

Do I have to follow every recommendation written in the adoption manual?
As Pomeranian experts, we provide you with a guideline of what we know creates a happy and healthy dog. However, it is your dog!  You’re raising him, feeding him and providing everything he needs.  We can only offer you advice as to what has been proven successful in the aftercare methods and keeping the dog healthy.