How To Potty Train Your New Pomeranian Puppy Indoors Using Potty Pads

How To Potty Train Your New Pomeranian Puppy Indoors Using Potty Pads

If you’ve been struggling to house train your new Pomeranianpuppy, we’re here to help you out by sharing what we’ve learnt from months of trial and error in the past. Potty pads are the perfect puppy training tool to use with your Pomeranian, and today we’re going to go over our top tips for pottytraining your Pomeranian puppy.

Create a Safe Space for Puppy Training

To get started, you’ll need to go out and get your hands on a stack of potty pads. After that, it’s time to create a controlled environment for your puppy training. You’ll need to find a corner in your home that is big enough to be covered by all of these potty pads. When starting the process, you want to lay down so many potty pads that it’s almost impossible for your potty training to go wrong. Creating this safe space to potty train your puppy will make it easier for both of you and make the process much more successful.

If you have a spare room, that’s a great space to potty train a puppy, as you’ll be able to cover the whole floor with the potty pads, so there’s only one space for them to use for potty training. Your Pomeranian puppy will soon get used to the texture of the potty pads and understand that this is where they need to go to the bathroom.

Reward Good Behavior

A big part of puppy training is rewarding good behavior. When it comes to potty training, we recommend rewarding your puppy with three treats each time they use the potty pads correctly. The reason for giving them this increased number of treats is to show them that they have done something exceptionally good. They shouldn’t usually receive this number of treats, so they’ll soon figure out that they’ll be rewarded for their good actions if they continue acting in this manner. Alternatively, you could offer them a treat that they don’t usually eat as a special reward for their hard work. A new meat or protein they’ve never had before may be enough to entice them to keep up with their potty training.

Slowly Start to Decrease the Number of Potty Pads

As we mentioned earlier, to begin with, you’ll want to cover a large surface with as many potty pads as possible. While this will almost guarantee success at the beginning, it’s obviously not a realistic long-term solution for most homeowners. As your potty training progresses, slowly start to remove one or two potty pads at a time from the space. Don’t risk pulling away all of the pads at one time, and just take it week by week, depending on the progress of your puppy training. Eventually, you should remove all of the pads, but don’t rush this process if your puppy isn’t responding to the changes well.

During this time, you’ll likely find your puppy has a few more accidents, which you should never punish them for. Remember, they’re still young and are still learning, so they don’t know any better. Just make sure you don’t reward them for any wrong actions, as this will reinforce the errors they’ve made. If you find they are struggling after removing a few potty pads, keep the current setup for a little longer until you feel they are ready to progress.

Cleaning Up Accidents

Accidents are bound to happen during the potty training process, so don’t get frustrated with having to clean up after your puppy. When an accident does occur on your floor, use a cleaning product that will remove the scent from that area. This will stop them from returning to that spot in the future. Try to interrupt this behavior immediately and clean it up as soon as possible. Distract your puppy with a loud noise or clapping until they stop what they are doing.

Pick them up and move them to the safe area, which is the potty pad, so they can continue what they are doing in the correct place. If you are training your puppy to use the bathroom outdoors, you can also take them outside at this stage to finish off their business. The most important thing about resolving an accident is to always take your puppy to the same space each time. This will reinforce good behavior, which is critical for successful puppy training. As with any form of puppy training, consistency is key, so make sure you regularly take them to the bathroom and always use the same spot.

Frequency of Bathroom Breaks for Puppies

A good rule of thumb for how often you need to potty train your puppy is to take their age in months and use this as the number of hours between each bathroom break. So if they are three months old, take them out every three hours. If you find your puppy is needing to go to the bathroom more often, keep up with their needs to avoid an accident occurring indoors. This will help to build on that consistency and ensure they aren’t uncomfortable at any time during the puppy training process. When it comes to outdoor training, repetition will be the key to your puppy training success. Put your Pomeranian on a leash and always take them over to the same spot. However, if your puppy hasn’t received their shots yet, avoid taking them to a spot where other dogs regularly visit.

Potty training is a huge task for anyone with a new Pomeranian puppy, but thanks to potty pads, it can be a much less daunting procedure. By reinforcing good behavior, you and your puppy will find the process much more enjoyable. Don’t rush your puppy training, and work at a pace that’s suitable for your pet. Remember, no two puppies are the same, so by acting with patience and kindness, you’ll soon find yourpuppy is fully potty trained in no time at all.