How to Prevent Scams / Fraud

In response to the fact that we are NOT associated with “” a scammer site registered in Russia, nor are we associated with the person who goes by the name “Damien” or “Payne Collins selling mini schnauzers for $500”

Update: AFTER spending months of reporting this scammer’s site is finally down and no longer working !!! Cheers !!!

Regardless, please be aware of any websites that have stolen and use our photos without our permission, most scammers will try to “crop out”, “blur, or even out their “bigger watermark” above ours. REPORT TO US IMMEDIATELY and we will have our legal team take necessary action.

BEWARE of websites selling purebred Pomeranian puppies for $500-$700 and advertise that they can deliver the puppy personally to your door for $300. If the prices are too good to be true, it’s a scam.