List of Pet Brokers – USA

 List of Pet Brokers – USA

Woohoo! You’re now at the last step of this process! 

PLEASE NOTE: We DO NOT work directly with any Pet Brokers or Customs. Once Airwaybill is received, it is the buyer’s responsibility to get in touch with the airline, pet broker, or customs about picking up/clearing your pet.

Please ask the airline DIRECTLY about process/steps you need to take, date, what time, address you need to be to pickup the puppy

Please ask the pet broker DIRECTLY about process of clearing your pet at customs (if you hired a pet broker) *List of brokers provided below*

If your puppy is flying with ANA Airline, pet broker may or not be required (please contact local ANA airport for info)

If your puppy is flying with KLM Airline, getting a pet broker is a requirement.

If your puppy is flying with Luftansa Airline, pet broker may or may not be required but you must confirm pickup with the airline. The airline will reach out to you via Email, please respond to that email with, “I confirm to pickup the puppy send ok to forward” and forward that email from the airline with your response to

While your airport may not require you to hire a pet broker, you might want to consider hiring one anyways so they could help you clear your pet at customs. They can help make sure your import documentation is filed correctly with U.S. Customs Officials and penalties are avoided. (Broker’s fee varies between $100-$500)

Ultimately it is your decision (if pet broker is not required) whether to clear the puppy yourself or to hire help. Please ask the airline/pet broker for any additional questions or further details.

list of OTHER U.S. Pet Brokers (You can also search for one yourself online)

(ANY US PORT) Hahn International Email Victor Hahn your puppy’s AWB to With subject “Need help clearing a puppy at customs” (he offers $15 discount if you say you’re the client of Bearfacepomz) they accept Zelle

(ANY US PORT) Jennifer Schwartzbauer, LCB Edward J Zarach & Associates Customs Brokers & International Freight Forwarders T: 651-452-8020 | F: 651-452-8320

(Local at JFKJP Link Ltd Email: Phone: 347-539-1681 www.JPcustoms.NYC

(Local at JFK) H.W. St. John Phone: 516-596-4000 Email: Website: ($50 discount if you tell them you’re the client of Bearfacepomz)

C&R Customs Broker Phone: 305-885-5244 Email:

(Local at ATL) Jean D. Duncan Customs Brokers, Inc. Phone: 800-766-8309, Phone: 404-767-0016 Email: ATL PORT ONLY

OMEGA CHB INT’L INC Phone: 310-988-1280

Oriox Customs Broker Inc Phone: 650-866-3680 Fax 650-866-3679

AAA Customs Phone: 847-261-0100 Email: LARISSA@AAACUSTOMS.COM ORD PORT ONLY

Unity Customs Brokers Phone: 310-670-2216 Email:

24/7 Customs INC Phone: 786-477-7600 Email:

Vantage Point Services Phone: 206-878-8884