The β€œUgly Puppy” Phrase

What the Puppy Uglies Are

The Pomeranian breed is one of the most beautiful dogs in the world and this what is known as a “necessary evil”.Β It is a transitional phase that results in your wonderful Pomeranian having his full adult coat, and looking like the ball of fluff that he was meant to be.

The Puppy Ugly phase is a Pomeranian’s transition from his soft one-layer puppy coat to his full, double-layered adult coat.

During this time, there is a heavy, and sometimes drastic shed. All of the soft puppy hair falls out. And since it can take some time for the adult fur to grow in, this can leave a Pomeranian looking quite odd. Hence the name.

It is suggested to take this phase for what it is and have a bit of humor. Your Pom is not really ugly, he or she is an adorable little creature that is going through a very large change.

When This Happens

It happens during the puppy stage, hence the name. It will begin some time around 4 to 6 months. You will notice your Pom coming out of this around the 10 month mark. After that, the coat will continue to fill in up until 12 to 15 months old.

Can This Be Avoided?

This happens to all Pomeranians.

For about 20% of Pomeranian puppies, the transition from puppy to adult coat will not bring about drastic or sudden changes, due to it occurring over a much longer period of time than usual.

When it the change is slower, happening over the course of a full year or so, this allows the adult coat to grow in relativelyΒ at the same time that the puppy fur is falling out; and the Pom will not go through this stage of looking quite odd.

The other 80% of Pomeranian dogs will have noticeable shedding and an odd thinned out appearance for those 6 to 12 months.