Why Pomeranians?

Everybody love Pomeranians, is there anyone who doesn’t?

There’s something special about Pomeranians making them so irresistible. Their fluffy coat, sweet looking eyes, curved tail, a great personality, confidence, and loyalty make them one of the most attractive dogs to come across anywhere in the world. It is hard to think of any better-looking pet.

However, there are much more other cool stuff about this breed that you probably never knew. So, if you love the Pomeranian, discovering more about them would make you even more attracted to them.

Pomeranians are very fashionable looking dogs. They belong to the breed of so-called toy dogs, as they spend most of the time indoors and do not need any strenuous exercises other than daily short walks. Thanks to their pleasant personality, they are suitable for anyone, be it young or old, as well as first-time dog owners or experienced dog owners. Though slightly average in size, Pomeranian falls in the same category as other toy dogs such as the Yorkshire terrier, the Maltese, and their likes, but this article will focus all attention on only Pomeranian.


The name “Pomeranian” originated from a region called “Pomerania” located at the Germany-Polish border. Long ago, they used to be primarily “sheep-herding dogs” whose main purpose was to keep flocks together and protect. However, recently, they have been domesticated to function mainly as companion dogs.


Pomeranians have been the top choice of many people all over the world and from different historical epochs. Among their owners there are historical figures such as Queen Victoria and Michelangelo and contemporary stars Rihanna and Bill Cosby. Their fine coat fur is a unique characteristic that contributes to their extremely good looks. In fact, such fine coat is rarely seen among other breeds, and it is exactly why Pomeranian is perfect for cuddling. A little brushing every day is all that is needed to keep the coat looking healthy and shiny.

They come in a large variety of colors, including white, black brown, orange, tan, gray/white with black and white with brown being the most common colors of the Pomeranian dogs around. Typically, most dogs have only two or three colors; but when it comes to this breed, there are varieties of colors to choose from. Now, who wouldn’t love that?

Their looks aren’t the only cute thing about them. What is more, they have excellent temperaments to match this outstanding looks. It is widely known that they barely cause any trouble for their owners. It is rather opposite, they get well not only with the owner but with children in general. Importantly, your Pomeranian would definitely behave appropriately in public situations. Though, some might be a little bit pushy and persuasive just like my friend’s Pomeranian, Ted. Nevertheless, training your Pomeranian properly with the right strategy should keep this under control.


Meet Boo the Pomeranian! Boo is also known as the World’s cutest dog among many Facebook Members. With over 20 Million Likes on his Facebook Page, Boo is just an example of how much love people have for Pomeranians. Boo was born in 2006 and became popular around 2011.

Also, Meet Jill the Pomeranian! Jill featured in the movie titled “Adventures of Bailey,” a 2013 family drama with a storyline about the Baker’s family who moved into a new apartment with their new dog ‘Bailey,’ which was the role played by Jill. The intelligent actor and model dog is certainly a sensation for all pet lovers.